How to Record Phone Calls in Android and it is legal?

Maybe you got bad customer service from a company over the phone and you want proof. Or maybe you received training or help that you want to reference again in the future. Recording call is legal.

How to Record Phone Calls in Android and it is legal
How to Record Phone Calls in Android and it is legal

 Here I’ll not only recommend a call-recording apps but will also inform you of what you need to know on the legal front when doing so

A Call Recorder - ACR is an excellent free call recording app that you can set to automatically record every call you make. It records calls in the AMR format, which is a bit on the fuzzy side but still captures conversations in a legible enough way.

Quite a lot of the features are locked off from the free version, though if you want to dish out $2.99, you’ll get the option to save in different audio formats as well as the ability to receive a prompt before each call you make asking if you want to record it, among other things.

Automatic Call Recorder

My personal favorite, Automatic Call Recorder has same features as ACR, though it lets you save in different audio formats without having to pay for the “Pro” version. It also doesn’t have a permanent icon in the notification menu letting you know that it’s on standby to record your calls, which I like as I’m something of a neat freak in that area.

In addition, you can sync it with your Dropbox or Google Drive account so your recordings automatically get backed up to the Cloud – useful stuff!

Download Automatic Call Recorder

Call recording legal or not it is based on the country to country and state to state. In the US and UK it’s okay to record phone calls. The catch is that even if only the person you’re recording. you’re likely to be subject to their laws, so it’s worth knowing their location before you go ahead and start recording.

NOTE: Recording a phone call without the knowledge of one or both of the parties is illegal in some countries. Some states in the United States require one party to be notified of the recording, some require both parties to be notified. For more information about laws regarding call recording, see Telephone recording laws and the Recording Law to .